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We have a range of writers and each has a different area of expertise from dating as a Millennial, to a Christian Marriage and Relationship Counselor. The vast experiences and educations of our writing team will assure we have something for everyone.

Here is a list of our writers and their bios. Have a read and follow the links to those that you best relate to for up to date tips and advice on Dating and Relationships!

Melissa Mansfield Baker

Melissa Baker

I created The Purple Factor based on my own experience with online dating. At 37 years old I became a widow and when the time came to get my feet wet dating again I had back to back, unpleasant experiences. There are so many challenges that online dating presents when we simply need a fun, safe and effective way to meet someone who is actually compatible.

Greg Griffin Marriage and Relationship Counselor

Greg Griffin
Relationship Research and Editorial Contributor

In my life outside of the Purple Factor, I'm a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor in private practice in the greater Atlanta area, specializing in relationship repair and rescue. I earned a double major BA in Religious Studies and Psychology from Randolph-Macon College and a MA in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

You can learn more about me at GregGriffin.net.

Relationship Blogger

JeanPaul Maximillian
Contributing Writer and Relationship Expert

I've tried a lot of different things throughout the course of my life but
the one thing that I love most is writing. For me, it is the vocation that brings me the most joy. My second passion is definitely coaching and helping people to get unstuck when it comes to relationships of all kinds. The mixture of the two is pure bliss.

I hope that you enjoy my contributions to The Purple Factor and please feel free to get in touch with me through facebook or Instagram with any comments or questions you might have.

See more of JeanPaul's work here:
Anton Claiborne

Anton Leonard Claiborne
Author and Relationship Specialist

I teach how to effectively use knowledge-of-self to create a harmonious love relationship. My story of events which turned my life around, discovering love power being one of them, is used to help people find their true love.

I write and teach for people who want to be in love. My books are tools created to help people understand and accept the possibility of using good experiences, with bad experiences to become a powerful force to be reckoned with, while using love power. To experience more of my messages of love, go explore claibornemega.com


DVonteono Anderson

D'Vonteono Anderson
Contributing Writer

I am a longtime believer in the fact that there is someone for everyone. I bring a unique younger outlook on dating as it stands now. It's nice to have the opportunity to voice my opinion on the dating game as a millennial, because we are typically seen as if we aren't looking for actual relationships.

Well speaking as a millennial I would like to be the first to say that we are in fact very serious about our relationships. We want to be in legitimate relationships as much as the other generations, we just look at the world differently is all.